6th Brazil Film Festival to address Cultural, Aesthetic and Ecological Issues


chronicle071016For the last five years, a group of passionate Brazilian expatriates has introduced the Luxemburgish audience to new aspects of Brazil, consciously distancing themselves from the well-known current divisions; this year, the Festival du Film Brésilien has assembled a selection of films that promise to take audiences even deeper into the true spirit of the Brazilian culture, from 17 to 26 November 2016.

The biggest country in Latin America, Brazil draws its richness from its multiculturalism – its true strength and so complex a whole lifetime would not be enough to fully explore the entire country. The greatest wealth of Brazil is its people, who in turn are a reflection of the Brazilian terrain: vast, diverse and colorful, showcasing an undeniably hot fusion that cultivates the taste for the spectacular.

Film production and artistic creation have a very important place within the Brazilian culture. The films and documentaries of this year‘s festival are intended to offer a a deeper understanding of this culture, all of them taking different perspectives on the country’s history, as well as its past and current issues.

The selection underlines the committee’s fierce determination to show the best and newest creations of Brazil‘s film culture. This year’s films all draw from the great social, ethnic, and cultural diversity the country has to offer.

The directors of the selected films invite the audience to reflect on a multitude of cultural, aesthetic and ecological issues – issues woven deeply into the land of this huge country which is always and still thriving.

The sixth festival edition will be the meeting place of the late fall, promising a little bit of warmth just before the beginning of winter.

Come immerse yourself in this intoxicating culture and discover Brazil for an evening or the entire festival. Enjoy the funny, sad and melancholic films depicting the stark contrasts of a country that will never seize to surprise us.

The programme will be announced on 25 October.